Filmmakers to visit West Campus as part of Peace Film Festival


Filmmakers Nicole Newnham and Mona Eldaief will be at the Valencia West Campus this Friday for a question and answer period during the Global Peace Film Festival, sponsored by the Valencia Voice.

Newnham is the co-director of “The Revolutionary Optimists,” a documentary that follows children from the slums of Kolkata battling poverty that strive for a better future for the people of their village, by literally putting them “on the map”

“The Revolutionary Optimists” will play at 10:30 a.m in building 3, room 111 auditorium followed by Newnham’s Q&A at 12:15-1 p.m.

Eldaief is the co-director of “Rafea: Solar Mama,” a documentary that follows a Bedouin woman in one of Jordan’s poorest desert villages who is given a chance to attend college in India to become a solar engineer in only 6 months. This will give her a chance to electrify her village, train others, and support her family.

“Rafea: Solar Mama” will play at 1:30 pm, also in the building 3, room 111 auditorium followed by Eldaief’s Q&A at 3-3:45 p.m.

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