Tampa Bay Lightning appeals to fans with new perks

By Amanda Gonzalez
[email protected]

New team jerseys are not the only new component that the Tampa Bay Lightning has introduced. New perks will come along with the purchase of full season tickets for the 2011-2012 season.

Ticket holders will receive a team jersey with their purchase of full season tickets. The jersey will contain a microchip. “It will be in the left sleeve, by the wrist. When a season ticket holder wears that jersey they will get 25 percent off concessions and 35 percent off merchandise,” said Executive Vice President of Communication, Bill Wickett.

Wickett also said that one of the Lightning’s goals is to do better by the fans, and that so far, feedback has been fantastic.

Valencia Community College student David Campione seems to like the idea. “It is a good idea. I think more people who buy half season or other game packs will now get season tickets instead because of the team doing so well, plus the benefits you get,” said Campione.

Much like Campione, Nick Hansen believes that the jerseys will get more people to buy full season tickets.

“It’s a decent idea. but I think they’re just trying to do something that hasn’t been done before to get fans to buy the full season tickets,” said Hansen. “I don’t think it’s necessary though, because they could have just given season ticket holders a discount card. The jersey is probably just a way to get fans to warm up to the new jerseys and get them to buy the season tickets.”

Valencia alumni and former equipment inventory analyst for the Lightning, JR Boucicaut, said that the microchip in the sleeve of the jersey is, “an interesting concept,” and believes that the microchips will hold some research value as well.