Future comes, then goes


Photo Credit: Ty Wright

Rapper Future performed at Firestone Live as a part of “Super Smash Sundays.”

ORLANDO — With a work ethic like no other, rapper Nayvadius Wilburn out of Atlanta GA best known by his stage name, Future, has taken the music world by storm since releasing a series of successful mixtapes dating back to 2010 up until his debut album, Pluto, which was one of the best rap albums of 2012.

Future who has one of the hottest yet controversial song in the streets “Karate Chop”, featuring Lil Wayne, has not let the negativity get to him as he focuses in on completing his second studio album, Future Hendrix, set to release sometime this year.

Out Da Gate Entertainment looked to spice up Mother’s Day adding the Freeband Gang leader to their weekly “Super Smash Sundays” at Firestone Live.

While I love my life and would not trade it for anything I’m sure it would be pretty cool to switch with Future for one night as he gets paid to drink expensive champagne and look cool while his DJ plays his music in the background (which I will explain later).  I don’t know about you but add that to getting to sleep next to R&B singer Ciara, the hottie who brought us hit singles “Ride” and “1, 2 Step” every night and waking up in a new Bugatti every morning sounds pretty sweet to me.

“At My Baby’s Show. Being Goofy BackStage:) The Girlz are Screaming LOUD!:) Show Is #CertifiedTrill” tweeted Ciara late Sunday night as she supported her boyfriend Future rock the stage from behind the DJ booth.

Before the rapper came out to perform his security took to the stage to clear everyone who was not apart of his crew no matter what ties they had to the promoters or venue.  The artist stormed the stage right from his tour bus and headed right back concluding his set.

I am a huge fan of Future “the rapper” however Future “the performer” I’m not too sold on.  I believe if people pay to see you rap then you should actually rap and not just adlib the prerecorded vocals your dj is spinning the entire night while dancing around the stage.  However what do I know I’m just an avid music fan.

While Future set was semi short and a little unimpressive a jam packed crowd appeared to be pretty “turnt up” in the club like atmosphere as he managed to fit in both new and old songs that he either provided a hooks or verse to rangin from songs like; “Tony Montana”, “Racks”, “Buggatti”, and “Love Me” during his set which was under a hour long.

I have not lost all faith in Future who has brought me some of my favorite summer jams so I will brush this underneath the rug and forget it ever happened.  He is a smart guy who has seemed to know what it takes to shine on on the big stage so if he wants to continue his growth an improvement in live rapping is a must.