Total domino domination on East, LASO hosts tournament

EAST CAMPUS — The tournament is lively and boisterous as we enter the room on Thursday afternoon. One person turns around to look at me and my photographer while the others stay focused on the hand at play.

Without much warning, a domino flies across the table and one of the players leaps from his seat and runs around the room.

“I’m the best at this,” shouts Quamar Bholai as he makes a quick circuit of the room.

Indeed, he does seem to have a talent for the game. As the evening progresses, Bholai never loses a match and his bluster is only strengthened. At one point, he rises from his chair for an impromptu performance of the worm.

His wife sits nearly on top of him and is at equal points delighted and embarrassed by his antics.

“Quamar stop being so mean,” says Dwevelie Gaspard after her husband makes fun of someone for wearing an out of style shirt.

There are not many people at the event who aren’t actually playing. Of those present, but not playing, none of them seem all that interested in the tournament. They use their phones and iPods and generally miss out on all the interesting things that are occurring just feet from them.

After one particularly heated match, Bholai performs his normal routine of belittling his opponents whilst celebrating his win only to have Rashad Cave say “that’s why you ‘ain’t’ tall enough to ride the roller coasters at your job.”

Bholai, never to be mistaken for the tallest man in a room, works at a theme park and his retort is simple: “but I still won.”

Eventually, Bholai and his partner, Dominic Dowe, win the LASO Domino Tournament, but even after victory Bholai refuses to let up with his taunting.

“I won the tournament, because dominos are easy to me. My victory was never in question,” said Bholai.