Spring break happens next week, use restraint and also restraints

OSCEOLA CAMPUS — Peer Educators hosted the “Party Like An Animal” workshop on Wednesday, Feb. 27 to encourage students to stay safe and responsible during spring break, which is next week for Valencia students.

Joanna Romano, leader of Peer Educators, came out to the courtyard outside of building 4, with others, at 8 a.m. to begin setting up for the event starting at 12 noon.

Several clubs came out with little projects for students to involve themselves in, like chalking up the sidewalks, or getting creative with paper animals. Free food and beverages were offered while music played in the background for everyone to listen and dance to. To the side they had some ping pong going on.

Ventriloquist Vance Dykes came out with his puppet character “Old Reverend Bil” to give students an in-person performance. Reverend Bill gave onlookers an ear full of why it’s important to stay safe, along with consequences to consider, if you’re not safe.

Officer Joe Whinston and a few other officers came out to present the Teen Driver Challenge machine, sponsored by the Florida Sheriff’s Association, giving students the opportunity to experience an 8-mph collision impact.

“It shows you how important a seat belt is,” said Whinston after being questioned on the reason for this particular machine. Willingly, some of the students shared their experiences with the machine.

“Not as bad as I thought but it’s a pretty scary feeling,” said Emily Venitz.

Spring break runs the week starting March 4. Classes resume on Monday, March 11.