The truth about Pink, on tour

ORLANDO — The ever irreverent pop star Pink brought her “Truth About Love” tour to the Amway Center on Sunday, Feb. 24, featuring a whirlwind of aerial stunts and technical tricks from the singer.

A show themed as a game show aimed to expose the truth about love, focusing on the bitter sweet and often dark side of the emotion. This matching with the tone of most of the Pink’s music with looks at the struggles to find love with the right person and reaching what most would consider true happiness.

The performance included a wild opening number in which Pink often showcased a display of acrobatics. Be it high-flying maneuvers over the main stage attached to bungee cords, or other acrobatic feats inspired by the “Lyra” technique where you fly around in the air supported only by long sheets of cloth and your own body strength.

Pink has a powerful and soulful singing style that displays her raw emotion and connects brilliantly with her fans. A strong attitude also accompanies much of her performing style, best seen in her hit song “U + Ur Hand” and “Are We All We Are.”

“She is an amazing performer, all her music, the lyrics and everything are incredible,” said audience member Liz Baez.

Pink’s fans couldn’t help but dance and sing along to catchy songs like “Trouble,” which displayed her fun side with a perfect blend of rock and pop music.

“This is my husband’s personal favorite off the new record. Just kidding I don’t know if he has one,” said Pink from on stage, as she joked with her fans. She then performed the song “How Come You’re Not here,” featured on her sixth studio album “The Truth About Love.”

During another one of her singles, “Sober,” Pink continued to raise the bar for acrobatic performance with the use of a rotating cage ball that spun around the stage.

“I would describe her music as all over the place, and that’s why you see such a diverse crowd here, she has a very wide appeal,” said Andrea Rodriguez.

The pace of the show took a notable slow-down pace during the somber song “Family Portrait,” as she was accompanied by a classic piano and images of from her own past and members of her family.

Pink also mentioned that this is her first full blown American tour and how she love the chance to see the country.

After mentioning that she visited Disney World the day before, one fan gave her a Mickey Mouse hat that the pop star briefly wore on stage, to the delight of the local Orlando audience.

The final message of this concert was that good or bad we all want to love someone else and to be loved. And it’s not about where you end up, it’s about the journey.

First her first encore song, “So What” Pink flew around the arena on a gravity-defying harness to perform for fans all around the arena from every conceivable angle.

“This show was very energetic and very precise,” said Stacey Sills, one Pink fan sporting bright pink hair. “You can tell that she was singing for real, and when you combine that with the physicality of her performance it was just out of this world.”