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Keynote speaker offers advice, students start semester right

Keynote speaker offers advice, students start semester right

OSCEOLA CAMPUS — “The Start Right Convocation” was held on Friday, Jan. 25, and worked to motivate not only students but professors as well.

Upon entering building 3, guest encountered several tables. Each table held different information for students and professors to obtain; asking questions from the presenter at each table provided hands on approach to learning.

This was just the beginning of the event for students. After sharing, learning and even eating the food provided, students and professors rushed over to the auditorium.

As everyone entered the auditorium, those in attendance were introduced to professors. Each professor got the chance to give advice on how to spend spring break.

Student Success Professor, Kelsey San Antonio, said “work hard, play hard safely.” Professor Marilyn Greaves Rodolfo, also of Student Success, advised students to “study hard.”

They were also able to share where they went for spring break as a college student.

One of the strongest draws of this event was the guidance available to students involved in the Student Success program. Academic Advisor, John Grid, presented the information that taught students how to win a $500 scholarship.

To win the scholarship they must gain 500 points by the end of the semester, which are earned by participating in events and campus clubs.

Afterwards, Student Development Coordinator, Jason Dodge, presented motivational speaker and author, Kevin Snyder, who specializes in motivational keynote speeches. Snyder spoke about his personal life to give students and professors a glimpse into how life can be and how you can make it.

During his speech he stated his desires and dreams he had growing up. Fulfilling those dreams didn’t come easy but giving up wasn’t his answer.

He stated several inspiring quotes encouraging students to never give up.

“The things most important in life you’ll work hardest for,“ said Snyder.

Snyder brought not only motivation amongst all the listeners, he also brought his live spirit of joy, determination and motivation.

Therefore the listeners were very involved by laughing at his jokes, listening with attention and marveling at his great accomplishments. Motivation is a key to success and being a college student or even a professor driving yourself in the right direction will take you far.

For more information, you can visit his website at

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