New products displayed at 2013 Surf Expo look to impress

ORLANDO – The chance to showcase their latest and greatest products is a big draw for big name retailers coming to Surf Expo.

Three internationally known businesses–Oakley, DC Shoes and Reef–gave an up-close look at some of their newest products.

Best known for their high-quality sunglasses; Oakley is now offering a newly designed wetsuit called the “Blade” compression boardshort and “Blade” compression top, built around increasing the performance and strength of surfers in the water.

“It helps surfers keep their muscle strength, you can last longer in the water and it gives the guys in the water more of an edge,” said Jimmy Leasure, field marketing representative for Oakley in Florida.

The compression top is brand new and the compression boardshorts have been out for about a year, but they are continually updating the style and technology. Some of the features of this new product include nanotechnology fabric treatments that repel water at a microscopic level and material that allows for stretching and comfortable movement.

Reef is a big-name provider of surf apparel that started with marketing popular beach sandals back in the 1980s. Later this year they will offer a new line of ladies boots and are looking to bring surfer girl fashion to dry land in a big new way.

“It’s a boot you can wear all day long with a nice quilted footbed at the bottom, and then you have that Reef DNA look on the outside,” said Kelley Bruemmer, director of girls footwear at Reef.

Skateboarders are another big part of Surf Expo, and DC Shoes is now looking to expand on the products they offer to dry-land athletes. Of the hundreds of shoes they had on display, some focused on cross training footwear like the new PSI Flex.

“We’re trying to expand into things like training because we’re normally associated with action sports, and by getting more into athletics puts us in another arena to compete with other bigger footwear brands,” said Jefferson Pang, sales director with DC Shoes.