Magic hold local charity event

ORLANDO — Consistency is something that is very important to J.J. Redick, both on and off the court.

Orlando Magic guard J.J. Redick was at a local Walmart on Tuesday, December 18, helping spread holiday cheer to 75 children from the Boys & Girls Club.

“We just want to do our part in ensuring that a group of kids have a great christmas and learn the meaning of giving.” said Redick.

All 75 of the children in attendance received $100 Walmart gift cards courtesy of Redick and Pepsi. Redick, along with fellow teammates Andrew Nicholson and Josh McRoberts, spent over an hour shopping with the Boys & Girls Club members.

Redick had a brief talk with all the children before they were split into groups. He even mentioned to the kids, to think about buying a present for someone else.

“For me it’s about consistency,” said Redick about what it means to him to help the community. “I talk about using the same approach everyday in basketball, but it’s not just in basketball, it’s in life and it’s important to me that I represent that off the court as well.”

After the children were split into groups, Redick took his kids into the store for some holiday shopping. Once inside Redick took the children to look at clothing before making an inevitable stop in electronics.

The children bought all types of gifts ranging from video games and MP3 players, to fishing poles and clothes.

“This is the best day ever” said one of the children as they checked out.

In addition to the shopping spree, the J.J. Redick Foundation donated $2,500 to local Boys & Girls Club chapters to help support their programs.

“Ecstatic, overwhelmed, thrilled,” were just some of the words that Darlese Pender used to describe how she felt during the event.

Pender, who is the service director of the West Sanford chapter of the Boys & Girls Club, later added that she was, “grateful” and “thankful” for everything the Orlando Magic are doing to help the children.