New Magic faces look to rebuild

ORLANDO — E’Twaun Moore and Andrew Nicholson are two of the new faces rebuilding the Magic team this 2012-2013 season.
The bench is full of newcomers and many are looking to make an impact.
“Andrew is growing extremely fast. He is doing the right things and he is doing them with the right mindset and the right spirit. When you are doing things like that, big things will happen for him,” said Magic forward Glen Davis.
Rookies Nicholson from St.Bonaventure and DeQuan Jones from Miami both have averaged double figures in points this Preseason along with sophomore E’Twaun Moore.
Moore has frequented the court in the six games that Orlando has had so far in preseason, but there’s been speculation as to whether he is a true point guard or not.
“The true equalizer in the game of basketball is being able to put the ball in the hole,” said Orlando head coach Jacque Vaughn.
“And he can shoot the basketball, so that’s a bonus. It’s up to us as coaches to put him in position where maybe his weaknesses aren’t stressed as much. I was very encouraged at his ability to get us organized, and that’s a development for him and he’s done a good job.”
With 20 players on the roster at the moment and having to cut five to make the 15-man roster, the coaching staff has to choose who they think can produce points and help the team win when the season officially starts.
“We haven’t made any cuts, and that’s probably typical to other teams in the league,” said Vaughn.
“But that’s OK, we’re preparing and doing the things that are right for us. Well get to 15 because we have to.”
Along with roster requirements, the Magic will have to manage the blend of veterans with rookies.
Experienced Magic players such as Jameer Nelson, Hedo Turkoglu and J.J. Redick have to play with the benche’s new faces.
With the absence of the two leading scorers from last season, Dwight Howard who was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers and Ryan Anderson who is now on the New Orleans Hornets, Orlando has to use multiple players in order to pile up the total number of points every game.
“I would say that’s a pretty good notion. We don’t know who’s going to be the leading scorer that night, and I think that’s a really good thing about our ball club,” said Vaughn.
“We’re playing unselfishly, playing together and sharing the basketball. If that’s the approach every night, then I can accept that.”