Knights’ second baseman ready to start season healthy

Healthier than he’s been in a while, and ready to begin the season, senior Travis Shreve has set his expectations high for the 2012 campaign.

Shreve battled a few injuries last season, and is coming back from off-season elbow surgery.

“With my elbow surgery this season, I didn’t get to play Summer ball like a lot of the other guys,” said Shreve. “But, I’m feeling good and I’m ready for the season to begin.”

In his first season with the Knights, last year, Shreve hit .309 with 51 runs scored, 15 doubles, and led the team in stolen bases with 22.

“[Shreve] has an unbelievable season for us last year,” said head coach Terry Rooney. “He got a little banged up as the year went on. He had some back issues, so he wasn’t able to steal as many bases for us as he was in the beginning of the season, but he’s feeling great and ready to start the season strong.”

Despite being banged up for much of the second half of 2011, the 5’9” senior still managed to play in 60 games.

Now, in his second season with the Knights, Shreve steps into a leadership position on a team that finds itself with a lot of fresh faces, which includes fellow Skagit Valley College alumni, Jimmy Reed.

“Travis Shreve is a vocal leader for us,” said Rooney. “The guy plays 1,000 miles per hour.”

As second baseman, Shreve was part of the Knights’ lethal double play combo last season, alongside SS Darnell Sweeney.

Both Shreve and Sweeney contributed on over 30 twin killings last season, and helped the the Knights’ to a team fielding percentage of .978.

“He’s a different type of player. He really keeps you in the game,” said Sweeney. “I love that guy to death. I would do anything for him.”

Shreve and the Knights are wrapping up their off-season practices later this week, and will be welcoming Long Island University into the newly renovated Jay Bergman Field to begin the season.

“This new stadium is awesome,” said Shreve. “Hopefully we can get this place packed this Friday.”