Orlando’s Perfect Wedding Show!

Katie Gilfillan

On February 3rd, the Perfect Wedding Guide, a wedding service in Lake Mary, held the Perfect Wedding Show! at the Orlando World Center Marriott Hotel for soon-to-be brides and grooms.

Guests were greeted with a live performance from a harp musician when they entered the expo. In the general lobby area, across from the hotel’s main ballroom, table décor, centerpieces and wedding backdrops were on display. From corner to corner, the main ballroom area had four aisles of wedding-related vendors. The vendors mostly consisted of ceremony and reception venues, bridal dresses, food catering services, cake tastings, wedding photography, hair and makeup, DJ’s and photobooths. All the vendors were Central Florida based.

Each vendor offered a lot of answers and ideas to couples who want to pursue a successful wedding. However, too many of the vendors were advertising venues. Once you’ve passed by about ten different venue options, it gets repetitive quickly.

At around 2:30 p.m., there was a bridal fashion show that took place in the second ballroom of the hotel. Guests who pre-ordered their tickets ahead of time were able to go in first and sit in seats provided around the runway. However, there wasn’t enough seating for everyone, so some had to stand and crowd around the people who were sitting. When the fashion show eventually started, the selection of dresses and tuxedos was very limited. There were only five female models and five male models during the whole show. Each model basically wore the same types of dresses and tuxedos which resulted in a very boring and slow fashion show. If there were more variety with the designs of dresses and tuxedos, then the fashion show would have been more enjoyable.

A few vendors were advertising wedding cake and catering food samples. However, the lack of beverages and proper food was uncomfortable. There were two open bars in the lobby and in the ballroom area and a fancy large water pitcher near the front entrance of the show. There wasn’t a varied selection of beverages – especially for those who don’t drink alcohol. Although the catering vendors were mostly cocktail hour foods, there were no main course options that the guests could taste or at least see pictures of.

This wedding expo was very beneficial to couples who are mostly looking for an idea of where to have their wedding ceremony and reception venues. Everything was very organized with the order and location of each vendor so that similar vendors weren’t right next to each other or overlapped and all vendors gave detailed information about their specific service. However, a variety of other wedding-related essentials besides venues would have balanced out the expo perfectly. Overall, Orlando’s Perfect Wedding Show thoroughly strengthens the planning process for the perfect wedding.