MegaCon Welcomes Timeless Stars


Charles Martinet answering questions his Q&A Panel

Ashley Tynes Garcia, Contributing Writer

The attendees of MegaCon Orlando were, “shivering with antici…pation,” to quote a famous line from the Rocky Horror Picture Show movie. Hundreds of people came out to see cast members from the epic cult 1970’s cult movie as well as other famous voice actors. Guests of the convention this year had the chance to get to know some of the classic actors such as Charles Martinet, the voice of Nintendo’s Mario. This year the event was from May 25-28 at the Orange County Convention Center.

Barry Bostwick, Nell Campell and Patrica Quinn from Rocky Horror Picture Show had a Q&A panel on Friday at 3:30 p.m. May 26. The panel started off with Quinn talking about how a young girl had sent her a letter saying how Rocky Horror Picture Show had saved her life.

At that point, Campell took off her sweater to become more comfortable and revealed a slightly low cut sparkly shirt. The audience began to whoop and holler which made Campbell happy to pose for them. Quinn became irritated with Campell saying, “You are not taking this interview seriously!” before walking off the stage.

Campell and Bostwick continued with the Q&A, but Campbell apologized to the audience for Quinn at the end of the panel.

“She gives a marvelous interview and Q&A, and I was absolutely distraught when she left the auditorium,” says Campell after she thanked the audience for coming to the panel.

MegaCon attendees were also thrilled to meet a classic video game voice actor.

On Saturday a Q&A panel that was packed for Charles Martinet, the voice actor for Mario from Nintendo’s Super Mario Brothers.

Martinet had some great insight into what it was like breaking into his voice acting role as the famous virtual plumber. He loved the fact that many people of Orlando showed up to see him.

“I started to become more devoted to acting and started to fall in love with it. You fall in love with a lot of things in life, you know?” says Martinet about his acting career.

The actor and musician Meat Loaf had a Q&A panel at 2:30 p.m. Saturday. He had talked mostly about his albums, his role as Eddie in Rocky Horror Picture Show, and how life was after the movie.

A fan asked a question about his scene in Rocky Horror Picture Show as Eddie where he drives out of a freezer and rides his motorcycle around the room while singing the musical number “What Ever Happened to Saturday Night? (Hot Patootie, Bless My Soul)” while the majority of the cast sing and dance to the song.

“Was that really you on the motorcycle?”

“Not in my prayers is that me! It was my stunt double,” says Meat Loaf. He states that the closes up with him holding the handlebars were to make it appear like he was driving the vehicle.

When asked by an audience member what are your thoughts on your relationships with women his response, “The woman is always right.” The response was received with applause from the audience.

The final question was what was his biggest achievement today. “I made you guys laugh today,” says Meat Loaf.

It was a great experience for people who chose to attend.

People were excited to meet the timeless stars they admire, and the actors were just as thrilled to meet their fans

If you missed the exciting event don’t worry, Mega Con will be back with new stars and more creative panels to attend.