Chess tournament keeps students’ boredom in check

By Christopher Ortega
[email protected]

Chess is one of the oldest games known to mankind and has attracted many players throughout the ages. It’s a game that involves intellect, courage, strategy and respect, and it’s alive and well on Valencia’s west campus. Thanks to the chess club at West campus, friendships have been formed and game play strengthened. “I think it keeps your thinking very clear, keeping your mind muscle strong. It teaches you how to think before you move and has helped me in all aspects of my life”, says Barry Hyman, a player for 13 years, whose strategic moves led to an impressive winning record during Saturday’s chess tournament. Barry Hyman won the title with a humble attitude.

The Valencia Chess Club plans to organize two more tournaments before the semester is over, and invites those who are interested in meeting other chess players, to stop by the meetings and play sometime. Those who are interested in the club or how to enter a tournament can Justin Bonilla contact him at: [email protected].